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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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go in front of the police station to demand that the chief reseen. this is the new controversial bathroom law. >> steph curry is set to be mvp for the second year in a row. good afternoon, i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am mike mibach. a southwest plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the last hour. >> it was headed to san francisco from phoenix. we are live at the airport and we have details. >> reporter: passengers are getting off right now and some of the passengers, this plane landed about 20, 25 minutes ago here under emergency circumstances. i talked to one of the passengers who told me there was initial problem with one of the doors. this is before takeoff. so the plane was delayed and supposedly fixed. once they got in the air. they could smell something
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burning. there was a smell of burning. that's when the emergency was declared. the plane was headed to phoenix and it is diverted. we could make an announcement and it is here at san jose international airport. made an announcement there was a problem and had to make an emergency landing in san jose. that's what they did. the plane moved in here to san jose international airport and landed a short time ago. passengers were told they had to be removed from the plane and their belongings were being removed as well. >> all the passengers resist off flight 346, their baggage, etcetera and being shuttled up to san francisco where the plane was intended to land earlier. i talked to miss martin. she is going to drive. i said what is it like on the plane. she said everyone was calm. very professional and her thoughts, she was glad her loved ones, kid and husband were not with her. it was scary and everyone has landed. everybody is safe and they have the plane open.
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they are airing out the aircraft to get rid of the burning smell and determine what caused the smoke inside the plane. we will have more information throughout the afternoon. fox two news. scary but no panic. a protest is happening outside san francisco city hall. it will get bigger as the day goes on. >> this is mayor he had lee stepped down because of recent police shootings. and the captain joins us now from the -- christian joins us in the newsroom. >> about 100 people marching in front of city hall and in front of mission police stations they are demanding the resignation of the police chief. and for mayor ed lee to step down. >> we won't make it now. >> ed lee, now. >> let our voices be heard. >> they are slowing to march all day. calling for a general strike and asking for the public to
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skip school and work and not to buy anything from san francisco restaurants or businesses. the group is calling for the police department reforms which they say begin with the firing of the chief. >> they have gained momentum since the freight tall shooting of mario woods in december. this is called the frisco five and ended their hunger strike. they are out there marching today. there are too many unnecessary police shootings. and members of the minor itd communities. have been targeted. >> it is all over the u.s., there is a playing of -- plague of police that think they are above the law and can get away with anything. and it is unacceptable. >> mayor he had lee is resisting calls to remove him and the chief has rejected calls to step counsel. he said he is instituting reforms within the department. organizers say the protest today will be peaceful and go
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on all day. they expect hundreds of people to join them. >> we will keep coverage on this story for you throughout the day on line and on social media coming up on the four, five, 6:00 nows. we will have a lot of coverage for you today, guys. >> new report is casting down on how safe the east bay city of pittsburg really is. a review of pittsburg data, and it in a move of circumstances. that keeps them from being counted in crime statistics. it became a homicide when the victim died and was classified, as a special circumstances according to the report. ones with no credible witnesses and workable leads or unlikely prosecutions. >> san jose ls police department plans to launch the
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new training program for the community understanding according to the bay area news group. they say every human has unconscious biases and recognizing those thoughts and behavior on those will create a better environment for police and everyone else. department commanders have undergone account training and they will start the training in july. they will include crisis intervention and dealing with situations involving the mentally ill. the man accused of killing this man will be in court. they were called to the scene and a man inside the home was covered in blood. he is 20-year-old angelo zamora, the great nephew. he will be charged with her murder today. though don't have a motive for the killing. in the race for the white house, donald trump is setting sights on hillary clinton. >> hillary was an enabler and
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treated these women horribly. just remember this. political anal lists say he is trying to lick hillary clinton to former president bill clinton's scandal. they say trump is still working to get the support of republicans. some retch cans are reaching out to her to join her campaign. >> i have had a lot of out reach from republicans who say that they are interested in talking about that. >> there is a primary tomorrow in the state of west virginia. donald trump now said he is open to raising taxes on the wealthy. and it is also a break with one of the republican party's core policies. trump said he would like to see an increase in the minimum wage. he said he would prefer to leave that decision up to the states. >> the presidential primary is up to and some residents can vote early. janine de la vega talks to us
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about options and if they plan on taking advantage of voting early. >> reporter: most people told us they do plan on voting early. they don't want to scramble later on. a lot of people know who they plan on picking for president. not well versed on other races. >> one of the places you can vote early is the county registrar's office. in santa clara, they can drop off ballots including libraries. college campuses and city hall in san jose. a larger turnout is expected compared to other elections. that is because it is a presidential primary. donald trump is the presumed nominee for the gop and hillary clinton is expected to be the democratic nominee. it is still not set in stone. >> there are reportedly a lot of first time voters who registered and clinton's opponent is appealing to a lot of other people. >> i have a lot of fawght for
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the canned date i am voting for. i will vote for sanders and i will go as hard as he is on the election. >> i want hillary clinton to be president. >> i don't want donald trump. i want to make sure he doesn't get in office. >> it is not decided. i felt everybody has rights. so exercise our right to go to vote. another contest that is attracting attention is senator barbara's seat. she is up against loretta sanchez from southern california. half the state's voters have chosen to vote by mail. they will be mailed out starting today. if you haven't voted for the june 7th primary, there is still time -- if you haven't registered, there is still time. janine de la vega. fox news. bernie sanders is bringing his campaign to -- to california. he will travel to stock to be for another event tomorrow.
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there are mow plans for sanders to come to the bay area any time soon. his rival hillary clinton campaigned here last week. this is the bathroom bill. the us department gave them today to stop enforcing the law. this requires people to use bathrooms to correspond to their gender at birth. >> the governor was denied extension. >> the federal government is making law. it is and by their interpretation. >> north carolina can lose for failing to comply with the justice department. >> fire crews up in canada finally getting some health from the weather. >> the latest on the battle from the massive wildfire burning near alberta. when we may see some effects from the fire right here in california. >> we check in with rosemary orozco for details when you can
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expect change insist your forecast. a tornado rips through the eastern part of the state. we will show you the amazing video captured on cellphone. j?j7
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. firefighters say this is helping control the burning. it has burned 600 square mile it is and killed two people and
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forced 80,000 residents from their home in fort mcmurray. some worried if they were going to make it ought alive. >> if you can get my children safe. then i don't care. i was on my knees in the truck. thinking, am i going to get from north to south. >> volunteers are handing out supplies to eve evacuees. and -- to evacuees and temperatures helped hold it back. nasa is giving us satellite images in canada. they were taken last week three days after it first sparked up. they show plumes of smoke billowing from the evacuated town of fort mcmurray. they are investigating 15 reports of tornadoes across the
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east plains. >> several people were injured with some roofs on building collapsing and dozen of windows broken. one of the most heavily damaged areas was the town of ray, colorado where clean up efforts are now underway. >> several tornadoes hit the tiny town, the one that caused the most damage was a half mile wide and ran along this highway threele five. >> there is -- 385. >> there is a big hole here and another one on the side. the shingles are gone. >> she stood in the path of a spring storm. >> it kept getting bigger and bigger. >> turned violent tornado. >> there wasn't so much of that noise. >> it was just shaking the house so much. >> the twister blowing the shed on its side destroying the garage breaking out windows in three of their vehicles and ripping out trees from the roots. >> there are 40 power lines that were either damaged or
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down. >> up the road. the swirl of dust and debris took out power lines. they spent the day restoring. >> they damaged two other homes and the automotive shop. it is up ended and destroyed. a garage car curled up like a sardine can. >> it went out six different times until we came out and interest was a tornado in the neighbor's yard. >> she pulled out her cellphone and caught amazing video. >> i was standing there taking pictures and grandma was telling me to go inside. luckily no one suffered injury. but they were taking seriously, the aftermath. this is everything they tore to? reds. broke in two and hurled to the heavens. >> this is what you see along the highway. this is a close knit community and people immediately started jumping in to help.
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>> the national weather service said three to five tornadoes hit the ray area. as far as their strength. that is still under investigation. >> fox 31, denver. here at home, officials in maybe county -- in marin county and the north marin water district say they beat mandated conservation movements. they cut back more than the state ordered. now they are close to 100% capacity. they plan to reexamine water supply conditions when they meet again next week. this could be welcoming a new addition. a park. expected to cover four acres next to the dune. it includes hiking trails and redeveloped community center. it is being led by the conservationity group -- conservationist group and they will get it started. >> star gazers had a rare look
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at planet mercury. it was visible from earth and making its way across the face of the sun. this is video from nasa, mercury, the little black dot there on the screen. this is the transit of mercury, and it lasted for seven and a half hours and just finished on the west coast 30 minutes ago. you had to have a specially filtered telescope to see it. it occurs 13 times in a sent are you and it happens three years from now and not until 2032. it is beginning to clear out a little, isn't it, rosemary? >> yes. we are slow, gasia and mike. yes, we are into the may great pattern. giving you a look outdoors. we see few peeks of blue sky. taking its team. east way hills. it airs pliek wal and look -- airs like walnut creek
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and look at this. 59 degrees. low 60s in lufer more and 62 in san jose. 65-degree consist outside your door. temperatures are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday. >> some of us a tad cooler. some a tad warmer. >> concord, you are up by a few degrees. >> napa, 2 degrees. very similar weather to yesterday. >> when it domes to the numbers, they are larger there. down by 4 degrees or so. >> they have a three hour time lapse on here. >> slowly beginning to erode and we get into the afternoon. it is partly cloudy for the inland communities. and better chance you will have the low clouds sort of hugging and partly sunny skies for today. >> that is developing over the bay area for the coming days. we have a system moving over to the north of us. we have a ridge here. and off the pacific. this is going to be slowly strengthening just a bit as we
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get into the days ahead. we see temperatures climb. still very comfortable with the onshore breeze in the afternoon. forecast for you into the afternoon for today. notice again, the low clouds hugging close to the coast. >> partly cloudy skies. 60s at the coast and 70s. expected for the warmer spots today. >> look in the north bay. >> 70 degrees expected for novato vatd toe and expected to go to 68. we shift to the inner east bay and closer to the water. shoreline for today. >> san francisco you will hit 63 for the second half and into pacifica. >> under partly cloudy skies we have mild areas like san jose, 70 degrees expected. low 70s in morgan hill and 66, the afternoon high for santa cruz. and your extended forecast. as we get into your tuesday, and more of the same. we will wake up with the partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. temperatures don't change a
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whole lot. it is a near repeat of today. it is slightly warmer as we get into the mid-week wednesday. >> temperatures into the low 80s by the second half of the business week. it is 84 expected and some model tion behinding at the possibility of few sprinkles and it looks very, very weak. we will be tracking that for you for the second part of the weekend. back to you. >> we see you soon. >> marin county officials will be reviewing plans tomorrow for a major remodeling project for george lucas. he is converting the stuff in the valley and this is the remodeling of more than 75,000 square feet of the structure. the project would not change the outside appearance of the building and a traffic analysis by sky walker properties. this is lucas valley road. group of bay area area
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police officers are on the bikes to line up for those who died on duty. they sent us the video of the ride getting underway in new jersey. it is a four day tour that started in 1997 with 18 cyclists and has grown to include 1900 riders. >> still ahead. after being abruptly transferred over the weekend. new developments with the mexican drug lord with el chap poa guzman. >> --
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. taking a look at the big board. stocks are unchanged after they come off two weeks of losses. price of oil is down follow ago
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shake up in saudi arabia. they are down 15 points and s&p 500 is up five points. spot guy plans to expand the streaming. it announced it will create 12 new somehows around music. and they report the episodes will be short. just 15 minutes and will be available for android users. this is after they started using clips from other networks. it is original programming produced by spot guy and will be available for all members. mcdonald's garlic fries have been too successful, if there is such a thing. it would test the garlic fries out and now they are soldout. >> they won't be available for a few weeks. it is exceeding how popular they have been and apologize to customer it is for shortage of garlic fries. >> they are expanding to
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include dogs. >> sparky andfied doe. you are charlie, mike. and custom made meals to the custom service now. >> give your dog better food choice that is are free from preservatives. depending on the weight of the dog. packages of the meals start at $30,000 a week. >> it is launching nonstop service between vancouver british columbia. >> there are two daily flights. air canada joins the marry at the airport and tomorrow is the inaugural flight and round trip tickets are averaging $300. it is secured by them in the last year. we have more on the murder of a parents killed by brothers. >> this is whether they should be trieding to. they are hoping this surveillance video will help
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them catch the people and more investigators say the would be thieves came up empty-handed. >> a
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. he and his brother have pled not guilty. they are accused of shooting their parents inside the san jose home. the friend and family spoke to us about the conflicted feelings regarding the case. >> we are going through emotional strain and we are trying to relieve it. i have nothing to say about the case. this is one way. >> it is difficult for everybody. >> it is very hard. >> a judge will decide if there is enough evidence against the brothers to go to trial. they are expected to be back in dort on wednesday. this is underway. two drifters are charmed with shooting and killing therapist carter and audrey kerry. a third defendant 4-year-old
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shun eng gel pled guilty and he has agreed to testify against the two. lampley is the shooter. a man is hospitalized after a crash in ocean beach in san francisco. it happened just before midnight near fulton. they say the driver of the lincoln town car may have run a red light and t boned a lexus suv, it came to rest on the beach. >> the women walked away with minor injuries and the she was rushed to the hospital in a town car. doesn't look like he was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash didn't seem like it. when we arrived on scene. he was in the passenger seat. even though he was only objecting plant in the vehicle. >> because of ohio serious the crash was, the investigation team was called out to gather evidence at the scene. there is nothing to suggest
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that either driver was under the influence. >> they are hit by a big rig. it happened early saturday morning in sacramento. they say vince september smith was on the shoulder investigating a hit and run crash when he was run over by a fed. ex. truck. this is the third time in two months a chp officer is hit while investigating a crash in the sacramento area. >> keep moving over. emergency vehicles. caltrans, that side of the freeway is a dangerous place to be. >> ramirez was under the influence of a controlled substance and confirms he had taken some kind of stimulant. he is now facing a dyou i fell -- dui felony charge. elk grove police said early tomorrow at the firearms and laguna guns. it shows the three wearing
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masks and they got in by backing up their vehicle into the store. the owner said they were locked up and they left empty-handed. >> to the general public, we maintain a good high security and that's why they didn't get anything. >> well, investigators could get a foot print left by a suspect on the glass panel and looking to possible connections to a similar burglary last week that the suspects got away with more than 100 firearms. the high school in san bernardino is apologizing after a student was identified as isis and she was wrongly named isis philips in the high school yearbook. the 11th greater posted it to twitter and shared thousands of
12:34 pm
times since. >> the superintendent said her name bass mixed up with the other student and said it is a regrettable misprint. >> we don't want to jump to any conclusion. she is a young muslim student hop wears the clothing, and identifies muslim. the chance of that happening are cause for concern for us. >> the council on islamic recommendations represent her and her family. they are asking the school to look into whether it is a oversight or deliberate act. >> they plan to meet with school leaders to find out what happened. >> an inmate is back in custody. >> arthur buckle was locate a wooded area near the garden state parkway. >> he had been missing from bayside state prison where he was serving time for aggravated assault. burglary and drug possession. he served 14 years in prison
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for manslaughter for killing a 10th-month-old child. he was weeks away from a parole hearing when he went mcmurray mizzing. he will chap poa guzman -- el chapo guzman can be transferred to the united states. this is near the text -- text text-mexico -- texas-mexico border. several appeals remain pending. and any effort to send him to u.s. would violate his human rights. >> they are opening up to journalists. >> as they report, the move comes days after the government had a pbc report and this is disrespectful coverage from inside the country last week. >> this is back in beijing and being demind by north korea. rupert winfield hayes stopped
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after joining a group of nobel laureates entering the country. he is charged with insulting the dignity of the north and never allowed in the territory again. the leadership of the country. >> the incident comes as more than 100 foreign journalists are in north korea to cover the first congress in nearly four decades. they had no direct access to the event until a few were allowed to watch roughly 10 minutes of the proceedings today. including the announcement of a new title for the leader sim jong-un and he is the chairman. another sign, they see it is a a gathering of strength and tough international sanctions. congress also adopting a decision to boost the nuclear weapons capability while disafter vowing the use
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of -- disavowing this. nuclear power remains widely condemned. >> there is a pass for that north korea can take to come out of the wilderness and it will require them. renouncing nuclear weapons. in london, fox news. in washington, pressure is growing on republicans to act on getting money to fight the zika virus. they have been pushing to secure $2 million in zika funding. they report there are more than 400 cases of the virus in the united states. that number is expected to rise. especially with the upcoming mosquito season. they say republicans from states at greatest risk including florida, texas, louisiana and georgia are slow to grant the request. they are getting more and more sick because of e-cigarettes. this is the poison center. they involve children ages six
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and under who swallowed the liquid nicotine. 14% were due to nicotine exposure. many of the children were just toddlers. they say parents need to be aware of the dangers and keep it out of their hands. they are also recommending tougher regulations. the start up will bring life-saving transfusions and remote vaccines. they have given a grant to sipline international to carry out the work. it is going to start in rwanda and half moon bay said it will be able to fly, even a motorcycle can't reach. company founder say zip line was supposed to build quote cool consumer robots. and they changed their focus after they can change people's lives. >> still ahead. we are talking steph curry with report that he will be named
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the mvp, this is as the team gears up for game four in portland. we will be joined by jason apple balm to whether or not curry will play. >> we will check back with rosemary on details of this week's forecast.
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they are hoping to bounce back. and just a short time ago. we learned promising news on steph curry's condition and the
12:42 pm
title he is expected to receive. >> jason is with us. >> where do you want to start. up yaided from doubtful to questionable. we are looking at 15, 20 minutes. >> not 30. >> but getting him back on the court is a big deal. >> emotionally, too. >> the warriors are 6-2 without him. played only 38 minutes in the entire playoffs and worked out the knee in practice and before the game. if you watched it, he landed on the left leg. and stephon curry, it is nice to see him on the court here. and we haven't seen highlights of him to win the mvp award. this is the worse kept secret in all of sports. who else is going to win it. it is in between games four and
12:43 pm
five. they will come home from portland. and it will be official. and steph curry. broke every record and hit 104. and average 30 points or more. and playing fewer than 35 minutes. steph curry had a season for the ages. and no doubt, the best player on the best team. no surprise. he will be the 11th player to win back to back seasons. first warrior to win it twice. >> there is one know votes for his own and i think if there was a season for "mornings on 2" winner, this could be in it. >> yes. >> talking sharks. >> they look good. >> three games to two and wrap it up in nashville and they have been one of the best teams
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at home. and they beat the sharks twice at home in games three and four. so, they are in for a big, big night tonight. if they lose tonight. they come home for game seven object thursday. >> that is exciting and they won five to one on saturday night. he had two goals and after the game, gasia, you see here. little chippy and we will see if it carries over and you don't want to commit penalties in a game six. in a deciding game. we will see what happens. sharks one of the best road teams during the season. naturally. one of the best home teams. >> the tank is surprised. >> yes. >> one win away from the conference finals. this is for wounded and ill service members. and openening ceremonies kicked off a week of competition
12:45 pm
between 500 service men and women. and michelle obama. and george h.w. bush were all there. they talked about the pivotal role that sports can help in helping veterans heal from emotional and mental trauma. >> they volunteered for the military and i have great respect for them and they can be a tremendous asset for our country. and therefore, i want to be a part of helping them transition from the military to the private sector. one of the problems we have is the invisible wounds of war. >> it runs through thursday. next year's games will be in toronto. >> we will check in with rosemary. hey, rosemary. we are beginning to warm up as well. we have a minor warm up for today and then we will see as we get into wednesday and thursday k giving you a live look here.
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we look across the oakland estuary towards san francisco. you can see the blue skies and clouds are peeling back. here is another view for you as we look towards the east bay hills, i believe. they are partly cloudy skies and we will be partly to mostly cloudy and right along the coastline with storm tracker two and brought us rounds of showers. and all the way through saturday. it moved into the plains and trouble there. oklahoma, texas, reporting severe weather on mother's day and will tip to make tracks. for today, it loose likes -- it looks like the weather. it is hail and thunderstorms and maybe even tornadoes. here at home, the ridge of high pressure is going to be in control of the weather pattern as we get into the days ahead. we are looking at may gray to start the mornings. and partly cloudy skies and temperatures will be very comfortable. we will have the onshore breeze into the afternoon as opposed to the dry offshore wind.
12:47 pm
we are not going to become too hot. we are looking at 80s and here is a look at what is happening right now. it will be tough to clear and take a very close look. we have the north bay through san mateo coastline into santa cruz with the mostly cloudy skies. you go inside the bay and inland. and we are looking better with better sunshine. we will last as we get true most of the business week. things will start to cool down as we get into the bay area weekend. 59 degrees. and we have 61 in novato. and half moon bay. we are mostly cloudy and in oakland right now. and 70 degrees in walnut creek and anywhere low 70s and second part of the day. >> low 60s at the coast. >> pacifica. san francisco going to 73 for
12:48 pm
the afternoon. 76 expected in hayward and for areas like antioch into the north bay and 66 degrees for you today. >> santa rosa. if you are going to see the giant consist play. it is cool and slight westerly breeze. it is expected at game time. >> 7:15. here is the extended forecast. temperatures just slightly warmer as we get into tuesday. it is how soon the low clouds move out of the way. if we do get more sunshine seerlier -- earlier tomorrow and then we notice a bigger change and thursday into friday, some of the warmer days and then by the weekend though. we are watching the temperatures come back down. >> low 70s in the forecast. with 60s in the forecast by sunday. back to you. thanks, rosemary. marin county man started to put up signs that dog walkers of coyotes, the coyote attacked
12:49 pm
add pit bull. wildlife efforts say they have increased dramatically in the last 15 years and this is a coyote popping season. they say they tends to be more territorial and aggressive this time of year. >> a friendship pact taking the concept of girl's night out and turned it into anything but. we will introduce you to a group of friends turning the monthly meeting into brand new experiences.
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. prior to the closing bell. few minutes away. >> looking at the big bell. and this is 15 points. s&p and one barrier and trading. just below 3% down on the day. >> and two dozen protestors outside of city hall right now. >> they want the chief to step down. and expecting the release of a blue ribbon report of allegations of racial buys a inside the san francisco department. >> it is all developing throughout the day and it is for you on the two. we have been watching the back and forth between the federal government over north
12:53 pm
carolina's bathroom law that affects transgender people. just answer nouns bird the associate the press. the justice department is suing north carolina that restricts the use of bathrooms by transgender people. we will have that on the four as well. now the concept of girl's night out and four bay area friends used their monthly get together in a way to try brand new things. >> to shooting guns. knitting. it spanned 15 years and claudine reports. none of them have ever missed a meeting. meeting. they are aren't going to make it to the playoffs. it is not clear if they are liking the game. but what you are watching something more than basketball. >> this is friendsship and
12:54 pm
commitment made 15 years ago at a warrior game. >> this is when tickets were easier to come by. and i invited the girls and lets get together. while we were at the games. we will try to get together every month. we looked at each other and said let's try. >> what is amazing about the group of four friends. they didn't just try it. they committed to it. ever since that night. they had a girl's night out once a month and in 15 years no one has ever missed a single one. >> i love these girl nights out because they almost because they are mandatory. >> it is amazing. we are totally committed to this. there are rules. >> one person picks the activity. >> from shooting a gun at a gun range to making jewelry and making a private tour of the
12:55 pm
tunnel. and triewr of can quentin prison. >> the tour night we did competition called chalk. >> we got to go grocery shopping and we had certain items we had to pick and make a dish out of them and there was judging and best presentation. and best meal. it is a lot of fun. >> i have had favorite nights out and one of my favorites is ice skating. >> i haven't laughed that hard like me in my pants kind of laughter. >> some they can do without. >> hands down is when we had to learn how to knit. i didn't want to do it and i was done. >> least favorite, we went to a shooting rank and i did not enjoy holding a gun. but they do it all together. >> we do things other than going to dinner and having cocktail he wills. >> even though that is great. >> if i was left to my own devices, i wouldn't be playing basketball tonight. >> it is a commitment that has
12:56 pm
taken them on a journey. >> though one imagined we would still be doing it however many year consist later. >> closest i came to missing a night out is when i had my two kids. >> they have learned something about each other. >> what i learned about myself. it is not the event. it is the togetherness of the group. the friendship formed in this group endures. underlying theme, we have to do it and you have to be there. >> 15 years later. it doesn't matter if they are on the court or off. >> that was total traveling. >> whether they make the shot or not. >> all that matters, all that has ever mattered is that these four friend are doing it together. together. every month for 15 years. >> a lot about traditions. >> i should start my own. >> i am going to go home and say you know what babe,.
12:57 pm
>> i need a night out. >> i am going to get the guys. >> there you go. >> especially to keep the bond. it is fun to breathe and get out of the house. >> good for everybody. >> keep in contact with your friends. >> absolutely. thank you for keeping contact with us here. >> mike, i look forward to watching you on the four. >> enjoy your afternoon. i will be there, gasia mikaelian. >> i will. >>
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